Back to school bunny

For some of you, you are already singing the praises of school days being back. For some of us, we still have a month of summer… but, that means some more time at the pool and taking a few more small trips!

I made a back to school bunny to celebrate the occasion! Here she is!


Her short-sleeved shirt, skirt with straps, and shoes are all removable.


As pattern suggests, it is recommended to use the same yarn for doll and clothes to ensure the best fit, however, you can knit a swatch of the doll yarn on a size bigger needle, then gauge it and match a yarn exactly.

Materials used:

Doll: Fur-Cascade 220 Aran in ‘Aspen Heather,’ knitted on sz 5 needles; socks-Cascade 220 Aran in ‘Natural,’ knitted on sz 5 needles

Skirt with straps: Quince and Co Lark in ‘River,’ sz 7 needles

Shirt: Quince and Co Lark in ‘River’ and ‘Egret,’ sz 7 needles

Shoes: Quince and Co Lark ‘Smoke,’ sz 7 needles

Apple knee pads: Quince and Co Lark in ‘Peaks Ferry’ and ‘Snap Pea,’ duplicate stitched


The stocking instructions are included in the pattern. I’ve attached the apple knee pads below, which can be duplicate stitched onto the knee. Just ensure that the knee pads are centered on the front of the leg and even with the opposite one.

The shirt pattern will soon be available as well! Enjoy!



2 thoughts on “Back to school bunny

  1. Ok, I’ve been checking out your blog and I get it that you don’t want to give out all of your secrets but I’m a fairly new knitter and I did the right thing. I ordered and paid for your patterns which I have to say was a little vague in some areas but I’m figuring it out. I just wanted to say that if you really want to make some money, you should be doing some tutorials on YouTube. How you start your rounds on DPNs would be a good start and then you could show how you attach the ears. Etc.,etc. You would make money from YouTube and you would probably sell more patterns. Sometimes you make more when you share more. People will eventually figure out your felting/ fulling process. Why not be the one to profit from it? There’s competition everywhere, sometimes it’s how you jump ahead of the pack that makes the difference. I’m not trying to be snide, I seriously think you could do better. You have a cute product.

  2. Hi Debbie! It appears as though you may not have gotten my reply to you on Instagram—but if you would like to message on Etsy with the exact spot in the pattern that you are hung up on, I’d be happy to assist!
    If you are just learning to knit using DPNs you may want to practice on a few really simple items first, such as a hat or sock. Once you get the hang of knitting in the round, these dolls should be much easier.
    Unfortunately at this time, since I have three small children while operating this business, it doesn’t leave much time to make videos to teach others how to knit. But maybe that’s something I can plan for the future! Luckily in the meantime there are many videos for learning those common knitting techniques I use in my patterns.
    I hope you can get a little practice in and get back to work on your doll!

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