Merry Knitmas!

Yesterday was a bit of a cliffhanger, but I feel like it was obvious enough. We’ve got new patterns!

I decided to make a line of Dress Up Dolls patterns. Say you are a knitter and love our items, but they just aren’t in the budget. Well now, you can make one for yourself! They are a more simplified version of my shrunken wool rabbits that I’ve been creating lately, but they still have hips and feet and shoulders and beautiful heads! Another bonus: they are knitted in the round! Makes knitting a breeze. No mountain of body parts waiting for their seams to be sewn up and attached. They look beautiful dressed and undressed.


The pattern is a standard deer: one color, no muss no fuss. So if you’re still a kind-of new knitter, you can do this! If you would like to venture out, you can change colors like I did. I simply knitted the muzzle a different color (tip included in pattern), added antlers (also included in pattern), embroidered on some spots and ‘hairs’ in the ears and voila! Rudolph! My daughter went nuts over him.


I also bought a skein of a mohair lace weight and knitted it together with my wool to create a fuzzier doe:


ALSO, You can see they have little sweaters on–that is also available as a pattern! It was so easy to make; I foresee a boatload of beautifully detailed sweaters in the future! The pattern is for a simple, single-colored sweater. However, as you can see, it makes a great base for being creative. I double-knit in a nordic design on one. I embroidered little holly cluster polka dots onto another. I made Rudolph’s sweater striped! Details for the stripes  included in pattern. I can’t wait to see all of the different finishes!

***Please note, I created this pattern as just to be knitted, not shrunken as well. If you do decide to shrink it, it will look completely different than this! I do not use these designs for my shrunken wool dolls. I merely created a pattern to look similar to those. ***

I wasn’t really sure of when I was going to offer these patterns, but I figured no better time than the present! It may be a little bit like offering in the eleventh hour, but they don’t need to be holiday deer. There’s always New Year’s, Valentine’s Day, Easter, birthdays, nightly toy knitting, or just ’cause! So grab these patterns at our Etsy shop; more are already in the works!



Avery Hand Warmers Pattern

My daughter is always getting her hands into things, so much so, that she hates having anything obstruct her ability to do so–including gloves. And so, for the soon-to-be cooler weather, I designed these little hand warmers for my curious little one, which are aptly named the “Avery Hand Warmers.”

Avery Hand Warmers by Rhonda Potteet of Thread Bears®The finished hand warmers feature a simple garter stitch and cable design, perfect for matching any Fall/Winter outfit. The non-bulky design and use of fingering weight yarn allows for items to snugly fit on little ones hands yet allowing plenty of room to move. These hand warmers are perfect for little ones who will be collecting acorns or picking apples in the cooler seasons.Avery Hand Warmers by Rhonda Potteet of Thread Bears®

IMG_9688These hand warmers are a breeze to make, and they only use 1 skein of Quince & Co. “Tern” or “Finch” yarns!

The pattern is designed to make hand warmers for ages 12 months up to 6 years.


This pattern can be purchased here on Etsy, or here on Ravelry (will be available on our website soon!

Happy knitting, and Happy Autumn!

Rhonda Potteet



Leaf Collecting Leg Warmers Knitting Pattern now available!

I love putting dresses on my daughter, no matter what time of year. I mean, have you seen some of the knitted dresses available now?? So cute. And, what better way to keep those little legs warm when it gets a little chilly outside than with a pair of these:Leaf Collecting Leg Warmers PDF Knitting Pattern by Rhonda Potteet of Thread Bears®


I wanted my daughter to have a pair of legwarmers that she can wear while jumping in a pile of leaves, or while dressed up to pick out her own pumpkin. So, I designed a PDF pattern for these little leg warmers, which fit perfectly inside of boots, or over tights for an extra cozy, layered look. They feature an all-over leaf lace design and are created from a fingering weight Peruvian Highland Wool, so they are lightweight yet warm.

Leaf Collecting Leg Warmers PDF Knitting Pattern by Rhonda Potteet of Thread Bears®

Due to the amount of stretch, these leg warmers can fit most sizes 12 months up to 5T. Once knitted, these leggings are a perfect three-season accessory. Pattern includes: comprehensive charts, detailed written instructions, suggestions, and color photos.

This pattern is a perfect option for any knitter who knows some intermediate techniques of knitting, such as: yo, s2kp (description included in pattern), and knitting in the round. No prior experience needed of making Leg warmers since this pattern gives detailed, step-by-step instructions.

Patterns can be purchase here on Etsy, or here on Ravelry. Will be available on our website soon.

Thanks for looking!

Rhonda Potteet

Leaf Collecting Leg Warmers PDF Knitting Pattern by Rhonda Potteet of Thread Bears®




Cozy tees!

I cannot rave enough about the “Immie Tee” and “Camilla Babe” patterns that Carrie Hoge has designed for little ones. The pullover design is practical, yet they have a simple but beautiful pattern up the front panel of the body. These patterns are easy to follow, which is why I have used them over, and over… So, I have decided to keep a few of each of the sweater (shirts) that I have made following these patterns, and I will sell the rest. First available, this mustard yellow, short-sleeved, cozy Camilla Babe:

Camilla Babe Tee created by Rhonda Potteet, Thread Bears®This cozy sweater-shirt is a perfect Fall/Winter piece, and is worthy of being passed down for many generations. Since it is a pullover, it is easy for little ones to wear.

Though it is short-sleeved, it is warm and serves as a good transition piece from Summer into the cooler weather.

IMG_9531It features a boatneck design, a patterned panel up the front and a garter stitch around the body. It was created from the “Camilla Babe” pattern created by Carrie Hoge, and was knitted from a high-quality Quince and Co. American Wool.


Click here to purchase this lovely tee!



Second tee is this lovely laced, lightweight-yet-warm knitted shirt. It was knitted from a bright teal Merino/Silk blend and features a lace floral pattern up the front panel of the tee. It is short-sleeved and lightweight and serves as a good transition piece from Summer into the cooler weather.

Immie Tee by Rhonda Potteet of Thread Bears®



It was created from Carrie’s “Immie Tee” pattern. This tee can be purchase here!




Thanks for looking!

-Rhonda Potteet


Sweater weather.

There is a cool breeze this morning, and after a few rainy days, it’s starting to feel like Fall. So, what better time to introduce a couple of the cutest little cardigans I got the chance of knitting.

When I think of Autumn, I think of the vibrant colors–iconic of the season–and of course, cables. This cardigan has both of those attributes that are staples of Autumn clothing.


This sweater is perfect for transitioning any outfit from Summer to Fall, and is worthy of being passed down for many generations. It features a cable and bobble design up each side of the button band, and above the ribbing on the sleeve.

Sweater Weather by Rhonda Potteet of Thread Bears®

The 3/4 sleeve keeps little arms warm while the temperatures begin to drop. The mustard yellow hue is an iconic color for Autumn. It is perfect for little ones with sensitive skin, since it was created using a supple superwash wool.



IMG_9471This sweater was created using the “Mini Rock Rose Cardigan” pattern, designed by Schneckenstrick.  It is available for purchase here! Sorry, this item has been sold.


This second sweater was delicately designed and is the perfect compliment to any outfit this Fall/Winter, yet worthy of being passed down for many generations.

Sweater Weather by Rhonda Potteet of Thread Bears®

It features an allover lace and leaf design in a pale purple hue. It is lightweight, yet warm since it is made from 100% Peruvian Highland Wool.

Sweater Weather by Rhonda Potteet of Thread Bears®




This sweater was created using the “Petal” pattern, designed by Michele Wang. The sweater is available for purchase here!

More sweaters, patterns, and handmade goodies will be available soon, so keep an eye out!

xo, Rhonda Potteet






First Knitted Sweater (shirt)

By: Rhonda Potteet

I hadn’t knitted a sweater before because I love the instant gratification that comes in knitting hats, gloves, or scarves. Also, I was a little bit put-off by needing to sew on sleeves, or to deal with button holes and so on. Well, I found this pattern for the Immie Tee by Madder, and I fell in love with it. How could I not make this sweet little shirt for my little one! It has a beautiful lace panel up the front, and the short sleeves make it versatile, which is important with fickle high-desert weather.



The great things about this pattern is that it was a super-quick knit, being finished in a few short days, and I didn’t have to sew on the sleeves or deal with the fussiness of attaching buttons and knitting a half-dozen button holes. It came together so fast and with such ease that I hope to make many, many more.img_6774

Of course, I couldn’t do as the pattern called for exactly… I did lengthen the mid section, since we are a tall family, and our kids’ shirts usually end up being cropped tops. I didn’t have the yarn on hand that the pattern called for, but I did have a lot of Knit Pick’s Gloss on hand and it was close to the same gauging on the packaging. So, I just used a size 4 circular, and it worked our perfectly. I also used Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Stretchy Bind Off for the neck, and it shows the lace panel detail at the top as well. I love it. It’s ready for Avery to wear it the Autumn!