No complaints about coziness.

We could gripe about how long this Winter weather has lasted into Spring, but we’re sure you’ve heard it all. Even our Arizona-based family saw a light dusting of snow last week! We would have much rather been outside toiling in the garden instead of shoveling snow or looking out on a greyish-white landscape. However, we used the long, treacherous weather to our advantage.

The effects of  a long Winter gave us more time to grab a hot drink and create a few new goodies from fiber…


mystery 2 with a hot brew by Thread Bears®

more opportunity to cozy up with loved ones and (including sassy grandbabies and a new little man in the family!)…



more time to find rustic inspirations in the rugged landscape…


…and more time to indulge in comforting foods.




We could play “Guess What We’re Making,” but you’ll just have to check back in a few days to see what will come from those teasers!


Recipe Links: The Apple Frangipane Galette, The Chocolate Bread Pudding (we substituted half the chocolates for fresh blueberries and used whole wheat croissants), Garden Tomato Bisque with Grilled Cheese Croutons.




Thread crocheted mini.


I am offering, WiLLie TeD, a miniature teddy bear, made out of crochet stitches of fine cotton thread.

He measures only 2 1/4″ tall and he is fully thread jointed. WiLLie TeD  was designed to have details similar to larger bears with his detailed limbs with a body fully stuffed — he just begs you for a hug.  His sparsely stitched nose, mouth and eyes are all embroidered. A little shading was added for detail. He wears a red bow for his new owner. He has been made to look passed down — A perfect addition to any miniature collection. I always strive to offer quality unique items which I hope will be treasured for years to come.

This item was designed and handmade by me, Sue Aucoin of Thread Bears®.

No longer available.


Snowman clown doll.


This offering is for one of my miniature, hand crochet dolls. This Snowman is made in vintage style colors and with all the charm of an antique ornament. This snowman is made, stitch-by-stitch, of cotton thread and only 4 3/8″ tall from the top of his hat to the tips of his toes. He is thread jointed in his arm and legs. His eyes and mouth is embroidery and his nose is a crochet carrot. A little shading was added for detail. His hat is stitched on as is his pom-poms and trims. He wears a ruffled collar. He has been made to look passed down — A perfect addition to any primitive collection

No longer available.


Antique-style, Christmas-y, Primitive bear.


Merry Christmas bear is a unique piece, made using an old technique.

Chris bear was crocheted out of 100% spun wool, and then put through a process know as felting, fulling and or boiling wool.  The fulling shrinks the piece giving it a more solid, thicker effect. Chris bear is a small size of 6 1/2″ tall and fully thread jointed. His face and claw details are embroidery.. and a little shading added for detail. I also crocheted his Christmas collar, which can be removed. Chris bear brings with him his Christmas wreath. He has been made to look passed down — A perfect addition to any primitive décor.

No longer available.


Tiny tea cup-sized, rose-hued bear.


It’s another Fulled/Felted bear… Lil’ RoSe!

This bear is crochet, using spun wool, and then put through a process known as felting/boiling. This is when crochet and or knitted items are shrunk for a thicker, softer appearance.  Lil’ RoSe was hand-dyed in a lovely shade of pink and then aged for added detail. This bear is only 5” tall, a perfect teacup size!  She is fully thread jointed, and has an embroidered face and claws.  She wears a hand crochet collar. This bear has been made to look passed down — A perfect addition to any primitive collection!


No longer available.

Tiny teal, a vintage style bear.

1373751130_thread-bears-teal-bear7 1373751162_thread-bears-teal-bear3

Hello! Tiny-Teal was designed to resemble a vintage-style stuffed toy, in miniature size and fully jointed! In vintage colors of teal and cream, this panda is only 2-3/8” tall!  His tiny body is made of many crochet stitches of cotton thread and then he was carefully stuffed–even his tiny limbs! His sweet face is embroidered. He wears a red silk ribbon, and was slightly aged for vintage appeal.

No longer available.