As you may have seen sneak peeks on our Etsy and Instagram–we will now be incorporating some more kid-friendly items! The new Out of the Thistle® Whimsicals include rattles and dolls! These items are still 100% handmade, crocheted from 100% wool.  They are created with the intent of being passed down for many generations. Their unique design allow for young children to easily hold and play with the new dolls and rattles. These toys have heirloom-quality, yet they are durable enough for everyday play. they are also visually appealing to fit perfectly into any child bedroom décor.

These dolls and rattles were put through a vigorous washing technique to shrink them, making them firm and durable. Their soft exterior makes them safer to play with, as well!

You may view all new items in our Etsy shop while our website is under construction. Be on the lookout for more whimsical designs!



Good-bye October.

Goodness, is October really ending? It has been a full one, though. A glorious, gourd-filled month with all of it’s vibrant leafy loveliness. This, the month when coziness moves into every corner of the house, giving everything a golden glow. We’re gonna slow down tomorrow, collect candy with our little ones, and savor these moments. We hope you all do the same. Happy Halloween!

Goodbye October, Out of the Thistle®












Feeling Fall.

A long weekend was spent in a cabin, cozied around a campfire with family in the cool mountain air. With the crackling mesquite and changing canopy, it finally felt like Fall. We bundled up in woolen blankets, roasted marshmallows, and collected a variety of colorful acorns and oak leaves. Elk ate from the palm of our hands, and we even spotted a fox! The kids were covered in dirt from head to toe, but they climbed trees and rocks and made race tracks and hiked and had a great time. We woke up to rain and had coconut banana pancakes and still managed to make some frothy coffee. We ate cupcakes and celebrated the little lady’s birthday! Hopefully some of these snapshots of our adventures leave you feeling inspired!

Fall15 Out of the Thistle® Blog

Fall15 Out of the Thistle® Blog

Fall15 Out of the Thistle® Blog

Fall15 Out of the Thistle® Blog

Fall15 Out of the Thistle® Blog

Fall15 Out of the Thistle® Blog

Fall15 Out of the Thistle® Blog

Fall15 Out of the Thistle® Blog

Fall15 Out of the Thistle® Blog

Fall15 Out of the Thistle® Blog

Fall15 Out of the Thistle® Blog

Fall15 Out of the Thistle® Blog         Fall15 Out of the Thistle® Blog Fall15 Out of the Thistle® Blog




Good things.

This time of year is always sentimental. With Thanksgiving on the horizon, this month reminds us to reflect on the people and things we are most thankful for. However, we do take time everyday to thank God for all of the provisions and blessings that he has bestowed upon us, regardless of the time of year.

Being thankful is something that doesn’t just come easily. I have learned to be thankful for a difficult situation because it’s an opportunity to have faith and learn. I’ve learned to be thankful in the chaos of raising children because I get to see their milestones, their learning, their growing. I’ve learned to be thankful for every person I encounter because it gives me an opportunity to live as an example that would be pleasing to God. If there’s one piece of advice I could give, it would be to just be thankful in all things.

Here’s a few snapshots of some of the good things we are especially thankful for this season: friends and family to bake for, October picnics, quiet moments for praying or creating, bedtime stories, colorful foliage, and crisp, cool air.

We hope you have a very happy Thanksgiving.

Good things Thread Bears® Blog

Recipe for these Apple Pie Pops can be found here: http://www.bhg.com/recipe/pies/apple-pie-pops/ . ALSO! This photo won this week’s Better Homes and Gardens #BHGBaking Contest on Instagram!!


Good things Thread Bears® Blog

Good things Thread Bears® Blog

Pattern for this “Rosebud” Hat can be found here: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/rosebud-17

Good things Thread Bears® Blog

Good things Thread Bears® Blog

Halloween-y Black Bear!

Are you worried about things that go bump in the night? It may just be a hungry bear, looking for a midnight snack. This hungry bear prefers treats on Halloween and shows it.

Thread Bears® Fall / Autumn black bear 2This vintage-style, one-of-a-kind bear is 8 1/2″ tall (10 1/2″ including his hat). His body is sewn in a stationary position — he is perfect to hang anywhere or tuck away in a basket.

Thread Bears® black bear 5


I hand crocheted him out of wool yarn and then, put through a washing process in order to shrink, felt/full him.  He was also hand-dyed to aged/ faded perfection.

His face is hand embroidered. He wears his circus hat and he is also dressed in a variety of ribbons. He brings with him his “TREATS” sign. This PRiM TeD comes tagged and signed by me, Sue Aucoin at Thread Bears®.

You may view his auction here.

Thanks for looking!




Avery Hand Warmers Pattern

My daughter is always getting her hands into things, so much so, that she hates having anything obstruct her ability to do so–including gloves. And so, for the soon-to-be cooler weather, I designed these little hand warmers for my curious little one, which are aptly named the “Avery Hand Warmers.”

Avery Hand Warmers by Rhonda Potteet of Thread Bears®The finished hand warmers feature a simple garter stitch and cable design, perfect for matching any Fall/Winter outfit. The non-bulky design and use of fingering weight yarn allows for items to snugly fit on little ones hands yet allowing plenty of room to move. These hand warmers are perfect for little ones who will be collecting acorns or picking apples in the cooler seasons.Avery Hand Warmers by Rhonda Potteet of Thread Bears®

IMG_9688These hand warmers are a breeze to make, and they only use 1 skein of Quince & Co. “Tern” or “Finch” yarns!

The pattern is designed to make hand warmers for ages 12 months up to 6 years.


This pattern can be purchased here on Etsy, or here on Ravelry (will be available on our website soon!

Happy knitting, and Happy Autumn!

Rhonda Potteet