Mice and snowmen and bears, oh my!

Just a quick little post to share a few photos of some cheerful little characters that we’ve been working on! The snowmen set is currently available here, but hurry, the auction is only for ONE DAY! The mouse is also currently available on eBay as well, here. Keep an eye out for the others, and thanks for looking!







Holly Jolly

Sometimes, it’s easy to get bogged down this time of year, especially if you’ve had to recently deal with anything like we have such as deaths of close family members and of pets, or having dealt with thieves stealing your Christmas decorations off of your lawn! However, in spite of all of that, I am going to choose to dwell on the good this season has to offer. I thought some of you may need a few photographical pick-me-ups as well, maybe you just need your inspiration sparked or your interest piqued. So, here are a few festive photos as of recently.

We’ve been busy making a few fiber goodies.


Winter knits and crochets Out of the Thistle  christmas2


And, I spent a weekend with my family in one of my favorite places, Prescott, dubbed “Arizona’s Christmas Town,” and for good reason. We saw dozens of the most intricate gingerbread houses. We went to the town square for the Christmas parade where my kids waved to everyone and made new friends. We participated in the lighting of the Courthouse where they read the story of Jesus’ birth and we all sang Christmas carols and ate too many sweets. A little reindeer sat outside a local bakery and sang about the coffee, cookies, and hot chocolate inside. Every corner was decked-out. Everyone was jolly. It was perfect.

Out of the Thistle® Blog, dwell on the good this holiday.

Out of the Thistle® Blog, dwell on the good this holiday.

Out of the Thistle® Blog, dwell on the good this holiday.

Out of the Thistle, dwell on the good this holiday.

Out of the Thistle® Blog, dwell on the good this holiday.


So, just dwell on the good, share it with others, and just look to all the joyous moments to be found this season, no matter how small they may seem.


Merry Crochetmas!

For three days only, we are auctioning a very unique, very primitive snowman! Sue Aucoin hand crocheted this snowman out of 100% spun wool, and then put him through a process know as felting, fulling and or boiling wool. This process shrinks the piece giving it a more solid, thicker effect. SNoWMaN is 18″ tall from the top of his hat to the tips of his toes and he is thread jointed in his arm and legs. He doesn’t just hang from wire on his back, he’ll also sit. His face is embroidery.. and a little shading added for detail. His hat is stitched on. He wears a fabric collar. SNoWMaN brings with him his Christmas tree and WiSH sign. He has been made to look passed down. This quality-made, unique item is a perfect addition to any primitive décor, which we hope will be treasured for years to come. Hurry before he’s gone! Merry Christmas and thanks for your consideration!

No longer available.