Little teal fella.

Don’t miss a chance to bid on my newest creation! He is another one of my crocheted then fulled (or felted) bears. This large, fuzzy fella would be a perfect addition to any home décor because of his Large stance… well, large in terms of little bears! Blue Bear is a perfect size to display (8” tall) and he’s fully thread jointed. His face and claws are embroidered. He is slightly weighted with glass beads. A light shading gives him an aged appearance. To give him an antique look, I made him a granny square vest, crocheted from thread, then stained.  He wears his favorite key and tag on his front.

Felted, fulled blue bear2 by Sue Aucoin Thread Bears®

I hand crocheted him out of wool yarn and then put him through a washing process in order to felt/full his body for a more solid finish. This process takes time however, I love the finish results!

Felted, fulled blue bear5 by Sue Aucoin Thread Bears®

Felted, fulled blue bear4 by Sue Aucoin Thread Bears®



You can click on any image to see his full listing. Thanks for looking at my newest PRim TeD!!

Sue Aucoin







Thread Bears® Wool Gathering

It’s no surprise that we love wool around here, which is why most of our creations are made from wool. We love it’s resilience, we love that it’s natural. We love that it can be dyed or felted. With all the various types of wool, the outcome of each endeavor is different. So, we thought we’d start a little segment here on our blog to demonstrate the different outcomes of using different types/brands of wool: Woolgathering. We’ll show you how certain wools take to felting.

We recently launched our two newest crochet patterns: The Felted Hare and The Felted Bear. You can use any type of yarn to create these items, as long as they consist of about 80% wool (though 100% is ideal). You can use any colors or any weight yarn, but your outcome will be different. We were curious about using and felting a “marbled” wool that has a sort of ticking-stripe resemblance on the skein.

Thread Bears® woolgathering seg1

So, we thought we’d share our findings with you. We used the Paton’s Classic Wool to make a little sample, and we love the outcome!

Thread Bears® woolgathering seg1

After the wool is felted, it does have a “marbled” appearance, which would make a pretty awesome creature!

Thread Bears® woolgathering seg1

We hope that our research can help you decide which yarns you’d like to (or not) use in your felting projects, and save you the time and expense of researching it yourselves.

Thanks for reading!

The Thread Bears® Crew