Bear Reproduction

No, the subject of this post is not how adorable, fuzzy little cubs are made 🙂

We have had a couple of bear artists approach us with concerns of “copycats.”  These artists have said that they can tell when certain bear artists are copying our latest designs–that when we change a certain feature or detail, so does the other bear artist.  It can be argued that the other artists’ changes are made all in coincidence.  However, it is no longer coincidence after it reoccurs.  To address this fact–we can’t remove every person that makes a product similar to ours, and that is precisely why we try to stay a step ahead.  We are continuously changing our products, offering new ways of adding detail and dimension.  The copycats are just going to have to try to keep up!  We are going to keep them on their toes!  The mere fact is that collectors and other bear artists will catch on.  They can see when the coincidences turn into recurrences.  It is an exciting challenge to develop new techniques–we encourage all artists to do so!


4 thoughts on “Bear Reproduction

  1. You may have also been guilty of copying others. The truth is that artist get inspired by each other but a discerning collector knows an original from a copycat.
    It is too bad that everyone didn't just focus on getting their own craft better and better instead of trying to stifle the work of others.

  2. If you are referring to our little crocheted creations as a copy from someone else’s idea, you are wrong. We were the first to introduce these works to the collectors, the same types of items you make—which are the basis for your yahoo group. You enjoy creating these works, the items that we originally presented. It seems as though you are feasting at the table for the meal which we have prepared.

  3. I was not aware of thread bears until there were several artists making them, but I don't think anyone is denying that you were the first to bring them to ebay. After the word “crochet” was inserted in so many auctions to avoid them being cancelled, even more people have started making them. After this started my group went from about 60 to 1500 members.
    Before the initial letter and auction cancellations, I had no idea there was even an issue.
    As far as me feasting, I have never been any competition for you…yours have always been far superior and completely different from mine.

  4. Debbie, The information about our trademark was publicly listed a year before our policing began. Teddy Bear & Friends was also notified of the trademark. The editor, at the time, ignored the information given which added to the misuse. The problem is not how we used our mark or in the policing, it is how others don't obey the law.

    What we mean by “feasting” is that you are enjoying the teddy concept, we introduced and these bears are the reason (basis) you started your yahoo group. We are the ones who introduced these to bear and miniature collectors, not just ebay. There would be more people finding your yahoo group due to the descriptive term for these bears is 'crochet.'

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