From Private to Public

Why was this posted in private, and not in public, if it was sincere?

From: Deborah (Debbie/DeBBitty)

Full-Sized Text:

  • “I really did start commenting on your blog for the reasons stated in my first message here and in my first commment. I just want it resolved, not for me, but for my friends who are hurting. I have no plans to comment any more. I hope when the final decisions on Thread Teds comes down everyone can just let it go.
    I do understand that having to make a disclaimer in an unregistered trademark does not, in any way, invalidate your trademark. I just don’t know what that means and I just don’t want anyone to get in trouble for accidentally using that term. I know you don’t trust me and that it goes both ways..but I keep wondering why two Christians can’t just try to resolve something without all the contention.
    I know you don’t believe this, but Berta is a very nice person. I have met her in person twice. She is a very good business woman as well . I know you feel that she copied you. And after that many more “copiers” came. I don’t know how it could have been prevented when you were making something so cute out of a craft so common. If not her, someone else would have done it. But this is her livelihood now as well as yours and it is hard to operate in constant fear of litigation.

    If there is anything else I can do to facilitate some kind of resolution…I WANT to do it. I do not have hard feelings towards you. I just want to help my friends. If it will help I will remove my blog.”


3 thoughts on “From Private to Public

  1. Why would you post something that was mean to be private? Can't something be both private and sincere? I am a relative of Debbie's and I think this was a mean-spirited move on your part.

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