Section 2, Contest I


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Bobbie is complaining that Thread Bears® is removing everyone using “thread bears.” But then she says in post 3 that there are websites using “thread bears” that aren’t removed (policed).

Then she says that no one is using “Thread Bears,” (I’m assuming it’s about the capitalization), but then she gives three examples of other artists who are using it capitalized in post 4. Then she complains that they aren’t removed (policed).

These are snippets taken from her filings at the Trademark Office, exactly as she posted them, exactly as she had sworn them to be.  And to our readers, consider this: Why would Bobbie encourage others to use our trademark, then turn them in to the Trademark Office as needing to be policed? 

Post 1:
A statement made in Bobbie’s filing to the Trademark Office:

Post 2:
A statement Bobbie made to the Trademark Office


Post 3 and 4:
Descriptions of the evidences she submitted at the Trademark Office



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