Out of the Thistle

Out of the thistle our business has come,
Sick and tired of being overrun.
It tried to bloom where its seed was sown
While at the same time the weeds had grown.

The thistle had grown so dense and entangled
That everything they touched was choked-out or mangled.
Passersby who would see the weed-ridden field
Would know of no blossoms that were being concealed;
They would be distracted by the bright red plumes,
Ignoring all the thorns and spines that loomed.

So for this business to bloom and expand
It has been decided that it needs a new brand.
Our previous name was abused and polluted,
So by the Hand of God we are being up-rooted.

In picking a new name our business is resurrected
And getting new life in soil uninfected.
So with a whoop and a holler and a cheer and a whistle,
We couldn’t be happier to come out of the thistle.

We appreciate your patience while we make all the changes! You can still follow us on all social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram under the new name! We are also still the title owners of the Thread Teds by Thread Bears® mark and will continue to use it.



2 thoughts on “Out of the Thistle

  1. Wonderfully clever poem- the old English teacher gives you bonus points for originality! (and sympathy for your hassle with your former name, etc). Also hope you will message on Ravelry- for we few who don’t Facebook, Twitter, Tumble, or Pin. (yep. We do exist!). I would love to somehow get your bunny pattern by mail. Any chance of that for a lover of snail mail? :-). All the best to you two! Jayne

  2. Hello, Jayne! Thank you for your kind words! If you would like to email me, I could further discuss options with you one purchasing the pattern. Thanks so much for the interest!
    Rhonda Potteet

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