Homage to Honesty.

Have you ever had one of those weeks?

You know, the ones where you have a ton of friends and family in town, doing renovations for the elders and celebrating birthdays. And there’s a giant waterslide/bounce house in your driveway with a dozen kids running in and out, leaving puddles everywhere. It is loud, yet wonderful. And in the slivers of quiet moments, you work on your knitting–trying to meet a deadline… a deadline you told everyone to “mark the calendars” for. And you’ve been practicing shrinking wool for like eight months now, and you’re so excited that you THINK you’ve perfected it. Your mom (the master at it) offers to help finish shrinking a couple of dolls that you still have left to do. And she super-shrinks it (which is what you wanted!), but you realize that the waist is a good inch smaller than your other dolls (which may as well be a mile). And that’s fine and dandy. But, you’ve already jointed all your other dolls, which now must be cut apart and shrunken more. Oh, and don’t forget that you made 27 dresses for them. TWENTY SEVEN. And it won’t work, because you wanted to give people an option to purchase different outfits for the dolls–which means that they’d all have to be the same size. And so here you are, a 29-year-old woman, crying into doll dresses…

Homage to Honesty The Out of the Thistle Blog

… and you’re cursing your ambition and praying for sanity. And you’re thinking that working in customer service at the bank doesn’t seem so bad now. That maybe, handling dental insurance claims was just a walk in the park.

And when you pull it together after going through the seven stages of grief with your tiny knitted dolls, you begin to amputate those limbs and get back to work. Because, it’s what you truly love to do.

Homage to Honest The Out of the Thistle Blog

Then you pour yourself another cup of coffee, eat birthday cake for breakfast, and pray that it won’t be another year before you get these done. And you share your experience and honesty with other ‘Purveyors of Perfection’ and hope that they’ll have a good laugh, maybe even sympathize. That they’ll understand the strife in striving for better, in knowing that settling is not an option. And now you’re truly understanding that being a ‘maker’ is so much more than just “making.”

Sincerely, Rhonda



6 thoughts on “Homage to Honesty.

  1. ~ Well said. The struggle is real! Everybody’s used to seeing the polished and immaculate end product, but few understand how much blood, sweat and tears were shed along the way 😉 Thank you for your honest insight, Rhonda ^_^ Such a funny read, I love this blog!

  2. Being a ‘maker’ of perfection sets you apart from the rest. Thank you for striving to do your best, sharing your tears and angst. Makes your dolls that much more special.
    I hope it was chocolate cake !

  3. It WAS chocolate cake!! Thank you so much, Donna. It’s genuinely uplifting to hear you say those kind words. Your constant support is immensely appreciated.

  4. I agree! I never truly understood what kind of work went into handmade items until now. It is so nice to connect with other makers who understand the frustrations (and joys!). Thank you so much for your support and following along, Jennifer! We love hearing from ya!

  5. Your work is truly amazing from the few things I have seen. However I have a problem. I can’t get your website to work. I can get to the page but when I click on anything like ‘patterns’ the screen blinks but nothing changes it just stays on the home page. Do you have any ideas?

  6. Thanks so much, Shirley! We have made a few corrections and additions to our website, and now patterns can be purchased on our website, Etsy, and Ravelry! Thanks so much for the interest!

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