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img_6246img_6382img_6402img_6501img_6563img_6963img_7145img_7230img_7249-800x533img_7252-800x533I feel it–the summer season is beginning to fade. Masses of flowers are staying bloomed a bit longer, now that they aren’t so quickly baked in the sun. There’s a cool morning breeze that teases us, only making way to warm midday temps. The occasional wind gusts whip through and scatter petals all over like confetti. This is when I begin to beckon the sweater weather by baking everything with pumpkin and cloves and leaving an apple cider candle lit all day. This is when I eat entirely too much bread. And yes, I break a sweat waiting for a pie to finish baking. Completely worth it.

In spite of my baked-sweets Fall summoning, it comes in it’s own slow-as-molasses timing. As soon as it’s here, it’s gone. The seemingly shortest, most beautiful season. As soon as it passes I feel like I spend the whole year waiting for next fall.  Here in the Southwest, I feel like the Dog Days of Summer last soooo much longer than in other regions.

Though the trees have yet to turn golden, I’ll take my time and enjoy the rest of what the warm sunshine has to offer in this last week of summer–no matter that it feels like an eternity. Besides, as the seasons grow and change, so do my kids. And I’d be okay if that would slow down.

Here’s a few things we’ve been working on, eaten, or enjoyed looking at while the weather hasn’t complied with our desires. If you’d like to see some more of those adorable rattles, view them here.

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A well-rounded week.

This week has been a full one.

We picked about 200 plums from our tree. About 70 were gifted, another 100 were used in homemade plum chutney, and a few dozen were plucked by the kids and inhaled right where they stood. And I’ll be the first to tell you that canning is no joke. Chopping and pitting all those plums was, well, the pits. However, I can’t wait to pass around this chutney and enjoy a spread of it on crostini with some brie. The plums that are still on the tree are being thoroughly enjoyed by a dozen birds daily.

Though it was extremely hot down here in the Southwest, we enjoyed some of our time outside letting loose a few thousand lady bugs. The kids were in heaven. They squealed and let the bugs climb all over them, carefully picking them up and placing them on rose petals. It was really sweet and entertaining.

And as we usually do, we spent entirely too much time taking photos of our flowers and ate too many sweets. It was a good week.

On the business side, my mom finished a few little bears and had them photographed, patiently waiting for their debut. Keep an eye out for these 100% wool, crocheted-then-shrunken, creamy-hued cuties on Ebay. Also be sure to check back soon with some new and not-usual products from us! we’ll also be making visual changes as well!

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Good-bye October.

Goodness, is October really ending? It has been a full one, though. A glorious, gourd-filled month with all of it’s vibrant leafy loveliness. This, the month when coziness moves into every corner of the house, giving everything a golden glow. We’re gonna slow down tomorrow, collect candy with our little ones, and savor these moments. We hope you all do the same. Happy Halloween!

Goodbye October, Out of the Thistle®












Our time for harvest.

Thread Bears® Blog

Thread Bears® Blog

Thread Bears® Blog

Thread Bears® Blog

Thread Bears® Blog

Thread Bears® Blog

Thread Bears® Blog


Thread Bears® Blog

Thread Bears® Blog

Spring is always such a glorious time of year. The warmer, longer days make way for more time in the garden, enjoying the flurry of flowers that arrive. This time of year is so coveted after the long, cold Winter.  Those short, grey days of Winter make the bright blooms and warm washing of sunlight even more enjoyable when Spring arrives. The wait builds anticipation of new growth, new opportunities.

Now is our Spring. We see the lushness and peachy glow out our windows, and we see the freshness and thriving potential in our business. We’ve had a long, hard Winter–both out our doors, and in business, and we are welcoming this Spring. We are welcoming the newness. We are welcoming the growth.

As you may know, we’ve come a long way in business. We’ve acquired much and learned much, only by the help of our Lord. We’ve had battles that other small, family businesses don’t endure. Those bitter, burdensome battles have made way for us acquiring Intellectual Property. They’ve strengthened our faith, and our confidence. From those experiences, we believe our business will continue to grow and flourish. During our experiences, seeds have been sown. We thank God for the patience and understanding during our time of tilling the soil, watering, and waiting for the new growth. Now is the time for our harvest.



Side-bar: Sewing

While I’m putting the finishing touches on a few more knitted goods and waiting for a tear-less, teething model, I’ve decided to go a little off-topic.  So, I sew… a little.  I may eventually get ambitious and decide to add some sewn-on details to my knitted items.  Who knows, maybe I’ll just use my skills to sew a lining in a cabled purse or something. Anyways, after dealing with two broken sewing machines this last week, I’ve finished six throw pillows, a roman shade, and have made almost all of the linens in my daughter’s nursery (including the curtains).  After making all of the pillows, I think that zippers can just go kick rocks.  All in all, everything turned out, but for now I think I’ll stick to my knitting! I was so excited about making this sweet little nursery set, I’d though I’d share.

babushka nursey 1

Babushka nursery 2

Rhonda Potteet