The Zinger!

It’s official, we are having a contest!! No purchase necessary, and you’re not even required to follow our blog! All you have to do is participate. So, why would we be giving away an amazing, handmade collectible for a prize??

Well… we just want you to know the truth. That’s all. Throughout the years, many people have been allowed to give their opinions on our business.  And, as soon as we have posted our side of the story with links to credible resources, our information has been removed.  It is because many people (Berta’s friends) have not wanted the truth out there.  So, we are using this contest as a lighthearted way to encourage people to seek the truth.

We haven’t given up on the contest, for those of you that have been waiting.  We’ve been waiting for Bobbie Ripperger to clear up her mess.  She has mislead and lied to many people throughout the years. She knows that we still own Thread Bears®, and she knows that our disclaimer had nothing to do with that separate registration, just with the one we were applying for. Since we have put her on the spot to tell what she knows, Boisterous Bobbie has turned mute…at least, publically.

We know she is still involved, still lying.  It’s communications such as this that show that people follow Bobbie’s misunderstandings, and it shows that they don’t stand up for what’s right.
An artist who was notified of Trademark Infringement:
Our response…

So, in this contest, we will be putting out a new section every week, for a series of weeks.  Each week, a portion of the contest will be revealed that you will need to respond to. Nothing is made up or changed.  It will be words from the person’s own mouth–or fingers, rather. We are using their own words to show what they’ve done. We will give all of the contest information in the upcoming posts, so check back!
P.S. Berta, have you checked with your lawyer to see if you can infringe on our mark? Still waiting to see that letter…

3 thoughts on “The Zinger!

  1. I really don't know all about this stuff you are saying but assuming you are correct, and that's fine, you probably are; What I don't get is why you spend so much time and energy being so crazy about this stuff. You make beautiful creations and are very talented. You have a great name “Primiteds”. Then you have “Knotheads”. I'm not getting why you need to be Thread Bears too. Are you different people? It's just a name. You kind of come off like that little Gollum guy in the Hobbit running around with your Trademark names saying “My Precious”. Or maybe you are a very lonely, angry lady who would rather be mean and spiteful to people then friendly and helpful. Maybe that's why you only have 15 followers on your blog. You seem to be a very sad person spending so much time tracking down made-up enemies. I will say a prayer for you tonight in hopes you see that greedy and vengeful is not very Christian. I don't know who this Berta lady is but whatever she did to you maybe you should bury the hatchet and ask her to forgive and forget instead of feuding. I don't know who Chantal is but I agree with her that the name of the bear doesn't really matter to buyers. They only want what is cute. I think you should spend more time creating cute bears and less time creating enemies. It's just ugly and most people don't want to read this nonsense. Seriously for God's sake grow up!

  2. This makes me very sad. I think that this public nastiness hurts the bear business. I am just someone viewing from the sidelines. Please reconsider this public anger directed at certain people. It is doing you no good. Keep it private.

  3. Thanks to Debbie and Joanne who understand what is at stake here. The teddy world is far beyond this public bickering. You should be in a Creativity world where people should encourage each other instead of finding made-up enemies. This being said did you clear with Chantal the fact that you used a personal email to push forward your personal agenda??? I know you did not, I am Chantal's husband.. so it looks like you are the type of person that would like others to respect your rights but will walk on other's rights to privacy??? strange way of thinking for somebody that claims to have talent… but of course I am a poor judge at that… anyway…at least you could have added the fact she did not know about Bobby being included in your ghost hunting (those are my words not Chantal's) you could have also added that she told you she was tired and forgot to do what she has done for 8 years because she did not want to get into this fight.. but no… pushing personal agenda is way more important to you right??? so please for your own credibility in this,at least delete this personal email from the public place… as you can see very few find it intimidating or amusing anyway.

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