First Knitted Character.

I’m relatively new to knitting, yes. However, I can gladly say that almost everything I have ever made has been from my own brain. Though it may take days or even weeks to create, perfecting it to the best of my ability–I like being able to say: “This is my design.”

Don’t get me wrong, I have used a few patterns… literally, a few. I could probably count how many on one hand. Maybe it’s because I’m crazy! Maybe it’s because I like to challenge myself to make something better.  And, typically, this example is what has happened on those rare occasions of pattern-using…I change it.  I can’t just make what someone else tells me to make, I guess.

This dapper little monkey was adapted from an Alan Dart pattern. Originally, the pieces were to be knitted flat and sewn in place to the body.  I decided to make him jointed, instead! He is my first knitted animal design, and I cannot wait to create a little character entirely from my own design! I love the way this little guy turned out, and I plan on making a lady-chimp-friend for him, along with a whole knitted tea set from the pattern…with my own changes, I’m sure. From his little top hat, to his cheerful little bow tie, with ten fingers and toes, I’d say this “first” was a success.  I’m ready to create my own Thread Bears® characters! Hope you like this little fella.


alan-dart-monkey 1

alan-dart-monkey 2

alan-dart-monkey 3

Rhonda Potteet




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