Section 3, Contest II

 Since Bobbie and Berta are being steadfast in their lies about the patterns, which do concern us, we are continuing that discussion. If you didn’t hear from us, sorry, you didn’t win this week’s section!
Supposedly Berta had a pattern printed in 2001 (post 1) so she would’ve had a copy to sell or trade when the question was asked a year later. She made no mention of any patterns but said “design your own” in post 3. Then not giving druannapegg any indication that she was going to sell a pattern, she offered it two weeks later which was after Sue had already sold some.  
In post 4 Berta states sue was ‘upset and jealous’ because of her first pattern sale, but in section 3 Sue’s pattern sold for a high price which Sue sold before Berta (with Sue’s $280 receipt). She also says that nobody had sold patterns for these until she did in 2002, but in post 5 she states that she knew Thread Bears had sold patterns and kits from at least 2000.
Post 1: This was obtained from Berta’s evidence at the Trademark Office in regards to her first pattern/kit 
Post 2: Berta’s listing for her first kit/pattern (taken from her evidence at the USPTO).
Post 3: Berta’s response to Druanna Pegg’s question about patterns on a bear forum
Post 4: Another statement from Berta’s paperwork at the Trademark Office. Hint: Berta is the Plaintiff, we are the Defendants. 
Post 5: Yet, another statement taken from Berta’s submissions at the Trademark Office
We are giving the owners of these words and images full credit. All statements that were obtained via USPTO were for the Thread Teds by Thread Bears® proceedings. Links to verify any of the publicly posted information is available upon emailed request.


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