Bits of a Road Trip.


After a month-long “vacation,” our items are back on Etsy and ready to be bought up for the Fall! We have a couple of goodies in the works that are pumpkin-pie-, oak-leaf-, and crisp-air-inspired after our most recent trip across the states. Though at times it still feels like we are experiencing those dogs days of summer here in the Southwest, I got to experience the soon-comings of Autumn on my month-long road trip.

I flipped through some old photos recently of our last road trips in preparation of this next one. Basically, to get psyched about it. I tend to murmur and gripe about where to eat, fussing over every scenic stop we should make, and complaining about the kids “watching that same movie for the twelfth time…” But, I love it. All of it. Seeing the country, state by state, is like crossing a little puzzle. Each little piece slightly different from the others but somehow fitting together to make a greater picture.

I thought I’d share some of our photos from our other road trips. We went through Amish country in Kentucky and Tennessee a few years ago to visit some family there, which is such a gorgeous route. Everything was green and covered in green.

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These trips were all for fun. All the grandkids indulged in fresh produce from the local farmer’s markets and orchards…




… and they soaked up the sun while walking and riding bikes through the neighborhood park, visiting the Detroit Zoo, swimming in the backyard, and hiking through the woods, hand-in-hand.


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The adults had fun, as well. Visiting the lederhosen- and taffy-filled town of Frankenmuth, MI was a highlight. We all made frequent visits to Romeo for local yarn and antiques, all while enjoying the charming little cottages.

269990_234962233194728_4133311_n 268323_234964289861189_26128_n 270415_234967293194222_4624759_n

I’m getting carried away.

This most recent trip was supposed to be trip with a purpose. This little “business trip” was a chance for us to become a little familiar with other areas, so we can choose where we would be happiest living in the near future. But, it wasn’t all business, of course. Although, I don’t know if it is really considered a vacation when you are trying to entertain two children under four years. I mean, how many wild horses or fields of corn can you really try to get their attention with… And somewhere around Minnesota we realized our GPS was just messing with us. So we resorted to the ol’ fallback. The atlas.


I’m hoping to feel even more inspired with my cozy knits in the very near future, since I am leaving this desert and relocating to a part of the country that actually has seasons! Fargo is definitely a contender right now. And so is basically all of Minnesota and Michigan.


 We loaded up Nana, stopped at a few places to see the sights, and headed on up to Michigan for a little Family (business) Reunion. One of our stops was Mt. Rushmore. There was a soft showering on us almost the whole time we were there, but we caught enough sunshine to take a few photos.



We also stretched our legs at a few parks. One in Salt Lake City:


And at Gooseberry Park, Minnesota:


The drive from Romeo, MI was still bright green and barely dappled with golds and reds. But it was still beautiful. But the slight change in the colors of the leaves, the feel of the Midwest’s cool and brisk mornings, the taste of the sweet, fresh pumpkin butter, and watching the kids collect the fallen acorns and maple leaves on our daily walks… all of it has me inspired.


Here in the Southwest, the leaves start to change colors closer to Christmas, and Halloween usually entails trick-or-treat-ers sweating their makeup off. But, no more lighting a cinnamon-apple candle and watching Fantastic Mr. Fox for Fall inspiration. I will soon be able to look out my door to see everything that Autumn has to offer. Another bonus: I will be much closer to my Michigander family! Imagine all of the craftiness we can indulge in!

We talked about crafts, played with new babies, and still managed to indulge in a little sweet treat here and there. The kiddos sat with grandma and grandpa at Westview Orchards in Michigan enjoying the finer things in life like family, fresh fudge, and peach ice cream. Grant is eyeing the fudge, obviously.


Hope you enjoyed my over-zealous, family-photo-sharing experience.




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