Section 2, Contest II


In post 7 Berta is saying that there weren’t any patterns for “crochet teddies,” but then says it was her “turn” to write down her “knowledge of thread bear making.” If there were no others, then how could it be her “turn?”

In post 1, Berta telling druannapegg “design your own” tells me she didn’t have any patterns available or that she ever made any. At that time, Sue was listing her pattern again (posts 3-6). By the time Berta had offered her patterns there were already some available, and makes her post 7 of why she came up with patterns (that there weren’t any) a discrepancy.

Post 1: Taken from Berta’s evidence at the USPTO. Berta’s response to a publicly posted question on multiple bear forums. (Initial question is at bottom of post) 

Post 2: My first email reply to Druanna

Post 3: My second correspondence to her about the pattern

Post 4: Email correspondence about another pattern request
Post 5: The receipt for my eBay pattern sale

Post 6: An email from the pattern winner

Post 7: A public posting on the Thread Animals blog on 9/1/08.

6 thoughts on “Section 2, Contest II

  1. Thread Bears Co. owners: so what is the point of this post? I don't see a question here. There are a few complimentary posts between you and collectors (we early bear makers also know Druanna Pegg)
    Are you attempting to link Berta with those who were trying to illegally obtain free copies from the original purchaser?
    Are you accusing her of acquiring her patterns from somewhere else? or obtaining/copying *your* patterns by some other means?

    You always have maintained that her work is made from copies of your patts; she posted her first patt (original to her, as are all of her patts) in the PTO filed documents and offered any & all others to prove your statements wrong. You have never complied with this: as usual you post blatant lies and never follow though with proof to back them up.
    Why don't you come right out and ask your questions instead of inferring what you mean here – and elsewhere in this bogus 'contest'?
    I see no purpose for posting this episode in this sad saga, except to advertise what your first patt sold for. And attempt to cause Berta more harm and sadness.

    As I see it, everyone was using the phrase thread bears in 2002 incorrectly, because unbeknownst to everyone, it was discovered only later that it had already been a registered trademark for 4 years at that point. We never saw an apology to Mr Matt Walsh from you, as you expect from everyone else now.

    I have no past or current mess to clean up because I read and interpret the US Trademark laws for myself. And I think it is entirely incorrect for you to publicly post the above clippings w/o properly affixing Copyright statements from each and every one of the owners, not forcing ppl to have to write to you to ask for such information. That is not the proper method according to the US Copyright law.
    2013 © RKR4CDS ( – which is the correct manner by which to show copyright notice for this post, belonging to me only and not to be used w/o express permission.)

  2. Berta, we removed the link you posted for people to purchase your patterns. As we've stated before, anyone is allowed to comment on any blog post, but our blog is not a place for you to advertise your items.

  3. I didn`t want to advertise but wanted to show the info written on that site.

    With you having removed the link I posted, it confirms that you only want your readers to read the info YOU want them to read.

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